Cultural differences between the eastern and western countries

发布于:2021-09-25 19:40:06

Cultural differences between the eastern and western countries
Because of the different characteristics of the eastern and western cultures, people in China and the United Kingdom live fairly different lives.

Firstly, it is apparent that differences exist in their living habits. As for simple daily customs, while Chinese people enjoy using spoons and chopsticks, Englishmen would prefer knives and forks. What’s more, unlike Englishmen who are used to having shower in the morning, most Chinese people tend to take a shower in the evening. When it comes to modern social habits, most Englishmen always obey rules such as queuing when waiting, in comparison with a majority of Chinese people who have not formed such habits yet. Moreover, an increasing number of Chinese people make use of motor vehicles as convenient and fast traffic tools, while Englishmen begin to enjoy old natural ways of transportation such as bicycles for environmental consideration.

Secondly, it can be found that their ways of thinking are distinguished from each other. Chinese people are likely to communicate in an indirect way, and it is hard for them to say no. They usually avoid risks because they like stability. They consider too much about the complicated relationship with the others, for the reason that they will never forget they are a member of a huge social group and they always work together. This can be called collectivism, which roots deeply in the mind of Chinese people. However, Englishmen prefer a direct way to communicate with others, which is simpler and more argumentative. They are not afraid of taking risks for they like challenges. They have a

strong sense of self and sometimes overestimate their self importance so they like solving problems on their own. Such individualism plays an extremely important role in Englishmen’s mind.

Actually, what has been discussed above is just a small reflection of cultural differences between the eastern and western countries. Nevertheless, it can still be concluded that such differences are originated from different populations, different social values and different periods of national developments between the countries.