Cultural differences on Etiquette between China and Western Countries

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(Cultural differences on Etiquette between China and Western Countries)


To the definition of etiquette, China and Western have a different
understanding .As Chinese thinks that the etiquette is the common behavior standards all the members must obey, and its purpose is to keep the normal living order of the society. In ancient China, a famous philosopher thinks that etiquette is a principal to deal with the relationship between man and supernatural beings, man and ghosts, man and men. There are also many words about etiquette In English. For example, courtesy which means courteous behavior, good manners;. And these words are all from the same French word etiquette. Of course, more spread and more profound cultural comment of the western etiquette is from the Classical Period. Today, etiquette becomes the reflection and manifestation of one country’s politics, economy, and culture in people’s social contact. And it includes the principal and moral that people should obey in daily life. Etiquette formed in the process of the deposition of culture and social contact. So every nation has their own etiquette standard which created with the spirit of this their nation. As languages is the carrier of the human culture. This difference must reflect in the language of different nations. So in the following, we will take china, British and America as the representation of Western, to look at some cultural different etiquette, and then analyze the reasons. Cultural differences on politeness between western and Chinese can be found in many aspects of daily communication, including addressing, greeting and parting, ompliments, apologies, thanks, etc. In the following, we will look at some cultural different between China and western.

Keywords: Etiquette, common behavior or standards, courtesy, cultural

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