Unit2 Reading说课稿

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Unit 2 Reading: He used to cause a lot of trouble. (Period 1)
Hello, everyone ,Today I’m very pleased to have an opportunity to talk about some of my teaching ideas. My topic is Reading (period 1) in Unit 2. It is made up of six parts.

1. Analysis textbook(教材分析 教材分析) 教材分析 2. The teaching methods(教学方法 教学方法) 教学方法 3. The learning methods(说学法 说学法) 说学法 4. Analysis the students(说学情 说学情) 说学情 5. The procedures of the teaching(教学步骤 教学步骤) 教学步骤 6. Self evaluation. (自评 自评) 自评 Part 1 The analysis of the teaching material: This lesson is to tell the students to compare the things they used to do and they do now. Then teach the students to use learning strategy to guess the meaning of the new words and phrases. Finally let students understand how much your parents had given to them.
1. Teaching objects

1. Review “used to do “ 2. Compare the things in the past and now. 3. After you learn the passage, maybe you will understand how much your parents had given to you.
2. Teaching Key Points

the usage of “used to “
3. Teaching Difficulties

The structure of “used to “in every sentence pattern. Part 2. The teaching methods Task-based teaching; Cooperative learning Part 3. The learning methods 1). Set up six steps It’s new words studying---5tasks 2). Ask the students to take part in class actively and develop their cooperation in the activities . Part 4. Analysis the students Students have learned “used to”, so we continue to review its usage. Then students should understand how much their parents had given to them and they should love their parents more. Part 5. The procedures of the teaching Step I Study new words and phrases: death himself cause patient in the end decision make a decision head teacher to one’s surprise even though no longer take pride in pay attention to afford recent fortunately boarding school Step II Task 1: Put these sentences into the correct places in the reading. StepIII Task 2: Read the passage again and talk about the main idea.

Maybe it talks about Martin’s life. He used to cause a lot of trouble, but now he has changed a lot with the help of his mother. StepIV Task3: Read the statements below. Circle “TRUE”, “FALSE” or “DON’T KNOW” according to the reading. 1. Martin is still a bad boy. (F) 2. There wasn’t enough money for the family. (T) 3. Martin finally understood what his problem was. (T) 4. Martin’s father didn’t use to help him. (Don’t know) 5. What his mother said didn’t change Martin’s mind. (F) StepV Task4: Choose the best answers according to the passage. 1. How was their life after Martin's father died? (C) A. Happy. B. Rich. C. Hard. D. Boring. 2. Why did Martin make a lot of trouble after his father died? (B) A. Because he missed his father. B. Because he wanted to make his mother pay more attention to him. C. Because his mother wasn't strict with him. D. Because he didn't have enough food to eat. 3. What changed Martin's life at last? (A) A. His mother's love. B. His teacher's speech. C. His friend's help. D. The police's advice. 4. How is Martin at school now? (D) A. He is working hard. B. He is a top student in his class. C. He is often late for school. D. A and B. 5. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? (C) A. Martin Murray was 15 years old when his father died. B. Martin's mother used to dislike him. C. Martin might be a good boy before his father's death. D. Martin was interested in doing his homework after his father's death StepVI Task 5: Fill in blanks Before Martin’s Martin didn’t use to give his mother many problems father died What Martin did He caused problems for himself and his family After Martin’s He wasn’t interested in studying father died What martin’s mother had to work did sent him to a boys’ boarding school Martin is one of the best students in Now his class. Part 6. Self evaluation. In order to make the students the real masters in class while the teacher herself acts as director. I designed some tasks to arouse the students’ interest of studying .The students can learn the language goals easily .Also, by these activities, I’ve cultivated the students’ spirit of cooperating, Help the students to form a positive attitude towards life and understand more about their parents .Thanks for listening.